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Strand Ventures

Specialising in advising private companies, from early stage to larger, more mature enterprises.


Formed in May 2012, Strand Ventures is a division within Strand Hanson that specialises in advising and investing in early stage companies and larger private companies, primarily in the natural resources, agriculture, energy, technology, healthcare, and chemical sectors. Strand Hanson’s advisory team are introduced to a significant number of businesses each year looking for growth capital, which are not necessarily yet at a stage to undertake a stock market listing, and which are therefore seeking access to private equity and pre-IPO funding.

Strand Ventures has been established to identify the best of these companies to advise and source funds ranging from £5 million to £100+ million, both debt and equity, to allow these companies to grow and prosper. Through London, and particularly through Strand Hanson’s South African office, Strand Hanson has access to highly relevant deal flow, and via Strand Ventures, Strand Hanson has access to expert fundraisers to meet the needs of these companies.

If you feel your company could benefit from the services which Strand Ventures can provide please contact Iek at the email addresses below:

Iek van Cruyningen, Director - Strand Ventures