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Strand Ventures

Specialising in advising private companies, from early stage to larger, more mature enterprises.


Strand Ventures provides high level advice and introduces funding and strategic partners to a range of corporates and asset owners.

The growth in energy markets presents opportunities for Strand Hanson to leverage its well developed network of finance partners with high quality projects.

The focus of these transactions is emerging markets, with most transactions being in the natural resources, energy and infrastructure sectors, where significant opportunities often exist and need to be structured appropriately to satisfy investors.

Many projects which are key to opening up new markets require bespoke funding which meets their economic needs as well as the political demands of their jurisdictions. Strand Ventures works in partnership with project owners, insurance companies, banks and funds to structure propositions to ensure that commercial, jurisdictional and project risks are successfully managed.

Iek van Cruyningen, Director - Strand Ventures

Alain Fanaie, Senior Adviser - Natural Resources and Infrastructure