About Strand Hanson

Strand Hanson is a management owned, independent, advisory led, modern merchant bank, providing financial and strategic advice to public and private companies, private equity and activist investors.

Our story

Founded in 1993, Strand Hanson is one of London’s foremost, long standing independent advisory boutiques, and is a leading adviser to companies in both developed and emerging markets.

Headquartered in London and with offices in Cape Town, Singapore and Beunos Aires, Strand Hanson’s operations are supported by a global network

of advisers and consultants in Africa, South East Asia, South America and the Middle East, providing our clients with local contacts who both understand their regional markets and have global capital market expertise.

Our business is wholly management owned and controlled, lending significant flexibility and speed of response to our business model.

Our people

Strand Hanson’s team has extensive corporate finance experience across a broad range of sectors – particularly the wider natural resource and energy-related industries – and geographies, including emerging and frontier markets. The Executive Team will meet with you from the outset to discuss your specific needs and to ensure that you receive the services best suited to your investment strategy or corporate finance proposal.

Simon Raggett

Chief Executive

The Lord St John of Bletso


Rory Murphy

Director, Head of Natural Resources

James Harris

Director, Head of Corporate

Simon Wharmby

Non-Executive Director

Constantine Chikosi

Senior Adviser to the Board

Angela Hallett

Chief Operating Officer

James Spinney

Managing Director

Iek van Cruyningen

Director, Strand Ventures

Warren Pearce

Managing Director, South Africa

Matthew Chandler

Director, Corporate Finance

Ritchie Balmer

Director, Corporate Finance

James Dance

Head of Mergers and Acquisitions

James Bellman

Director, Corporate Finance

Richard Johnson

Director, Corporate Finance

Daniel Arques

Director, Debt Capital Markets

Barnaby Hayward

Associate Director, Corporate Development

Rob Patrick

Associate Director, Corporate Finance

David Asquith

Manager, Corporate Finance

Abigail Wennington

Manager, Corporate Finance

Robert Collins

Manager, Corporate Finance

Charlie Hammond

Associate, Corporate Finance

Edward Foulkes

Analyst, Corporate Finance

Imogen Ellis

Analyst, Corporate Finance

Harry Marshall

Analyst, Corporate Finance

Michael Forrest


The Hon Robert Hanson

Senior Adviser

N.J.R.Wright (Nick)


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Rory Harding

International Advisor
South America & Caribbean

Miles Lewis

International Advisor
South America & Caribbean

Our approach and culture

Strand Hanson is a leading independent, advisory-led, modern merchant bank, with a specific focus on providing the highest quality independent financial and strategic advice to our clients across a broad range of sectors and geographies.

Global reach & ventures

Strand Hanson has developed strategic partnerships, to broaden our global reach, providing access to a large number of opportunities, particularly in emerging markets, including Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia.


As an organisation operating across a broad range of sectors and geographies, we recognise the value and necessity of acting in a responsible way.