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Strand Hanson Caban Corporate Finance – Strategic Partnership

Strand Hanson Caban Corporate Finance – Strategic Partnership

Strand Hanson Limited is pleased to announce that it has entered into a corporate finance partnership with the Caban Group, focussed on the African market and operating out of Cape Town, South Africa.

The Caban Group was established in 2013 by Dave Romero and Ben Botes to advise and establish entrepreneurial businesses in Africa.  The Caban Group has a unique approach to venture capital, providing entrepreneurs with a wide range of in-house services including corporate finance, accounting, tax, media, branding and sales.  These services enable entrepreneurs to focus on building businesses and creating jobs.

The Caban Group also has a presence in the UK, and in the last quarter of 2016 Caban Capital Plc became a Founder Member of the prestigious London VC Club, the official promotional company for the City of London funded by the Mayor of London.

The partnership is jointly headed by Warren Pearce, MD for Strand Hanson Africa, and Caban Group CEO, Dave Romero.  It pools an impressive team of corporate advisors that will give African businesses access to bespoke, on-the-ground advisory services supported by Strand Hanson’s extensive London expertise.

The partnership’s service offering includes: 

  •          Financial and business restructuring advice;
  •          Advice concerning general strategic planning;
  •          Mergers and acquisitions;
  •          Corporate valuations;
  •          Detailed advice concerning tender offers and potential offers;
  •          Exposure to UK capital markets;
  •          Capital raising through Strand Hanson’s extensive broker network; and
  •          Corporate governance advice/reviews.

The partnership will use the firms’ combined expertise to minimise the risks inherent in multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline transactions, seeking to structure the best deal for our clients with advice tailored to their individual needs.

A great deal of complexity can be minimised through up-front assessment and understanding of issues, particularly where a transaction includes multiple participants and jurisdictions.

Beyond the provision of corporate finance services, the partnership also provides a broad spectrum of other services through its network. These include business planning, accounting services, company secretarial services, marketing (including the full spectrum of advertising, public relations, event management, video production and digital marketing) and a team that assist with the sales of the product or service. The Caban team specialises in preparing companies to be investor-ready and will work closely with the corporate finance partnership.

Drawing on the partnerships considerable experience across a significant range of sectors, geographies and transaction types, the partnership is focused on delivering relevant, strategic and timely advice to its clients.