Atlantis Dream Team

As an organisation operating across a broad range of sectors and geographies, we recognise the value and necessity of acting in a responsible way.

Strand Hanson has selected the Atlantis Dream Team as an official corporate social investment (CSI) initiative.

Strand Hanson is a global financial advisory company acting across a range of sectors and geographies. We recognise the need to act in a way that is sustainable and responsible, striving wherever possible to make a real difference to the numerous stakeholders and communities with which we interact.

It is important that we recognise the areas in which we can have the greatest impact as a financial advisory company, and we approach sustainability through three interconnected pillars:

Our clients and investments – we consider the sustainability profile of potential clients and investments from a social and environmental as well as a financial perspective and actively encourage clients and partners to adopt corporate and environmental programmes in line with our own.

Our communities – we provide financial and non-financial support to our communities in various ways, including donations, sponsorships and employee volunteering.

Our planet – we strive to minimise our environmental impact, encouraging schemes to improve our energy efficiency and minimise waste.

The Atlantis Dream Team is a registered non-profit organisation based in the Atlantis community in Cape Town, South Africa. The initiative is focused on empowering and uplifting a disadvantaged community through developing sustainable job creation programmes, basic health care, nutrition, education and training, and the promotion of human rights.

Strand Hanson is working with Caban Investments, our African partner, to provide the platform for the Atlantis Dream Team to become self-sustaining, a model which over time is intended to be applied and developed in other communities across Southern Africa.

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