Avocet Mining Plc

Acted as Sponsor to Avocet on the Class 1 partial disposal and financing of Tri-K for up to US$14m and subsequent transfer from the premium to standard segment of the Official List

Journey Group plc

Recommended mandatory cash offer for Journey Group plc by Jaguar Holdings Limited, on behalf of Harwood Capital LLP

AFI Development plc

Sponsor on the proposed Class 1 disposal of certain property assets to settle outstanding loans due to VTB Bank PJSC of US$620m and subsequent renegotiation and amendment of the loans due to VTB and personal guarantee from AFI’s largest shareholder to VTB in substitution for the proposed disposal

Source BioScience plc

Recommended cash offer for Source Bioscience plc by Sherwood Holdings Limited, on behalf of Harwood Capital LLP, via a Scheme of Arrangement