Strand Hanson forges a strategic alliance with leading Singaporean independent corporate advisory firm Prime Partners Group to strengthen global connectivity

7 July 2023

Combined geographical reach to create opportunities in new listings and capital market transactions particularly in the energy transition sector

Strand Hanson has entered into a strategic alliance with one of Singapore’s leading investment banking advisory firms PrimePartners Group (“PPG”) to explore areas of new listings and capital market transactions.

PPG services a global client base, with an emphasis on the Southeast Asia region and Greater China. Similarly, Strand Hanson has an extensive geographical footprint, particularly in emerging markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Both parties are set to leverage one another’s business connections to strengthen their respective cross-regional presence. This partnership will create a combined pool of diverse clients, which is expected to leverage a host of new opportunities, particularly in the area of energy transition where a key to success is effectively linking the producers of critical raw materials.

On top of the enhanced connectivity, the collaboration also enables knowledge transfer, especially in regard to regulations, legislation, and culture between the two firms, which will improve service efficiency levels in mutual regions.

Simon Raggett, Chief Executive of Strand Hanson said, “Singapore offers a strong combination of regulatory oversight, access to world-class talent and a vibrant capital market from which to access some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. We are delighted to have formed a partnership with PrimePartners, which shares our values and commitment to servicing our clients.

“Strand Hanson has been advising clients with a global reach via its established network of offices and partnerships and is excited at strengthening its regional presence via this new relationship.”

Mark Liew, Chief Executive Officer of PrimePartners said, “Our respective strengths and focus in different geographical regions will open doors to a wider universe of potential clients to both of us, especially pertaining to capital market deals with cross-border elements. The extensive reach that Strand Hanson has is an attractive proposition and we look forward to growing together with our new partner.”

About PrimePartners Group

PrimePartners Group (PPG) was founded in 1994 by the late Mr Ng Soo Peng, Mr Quek Peck Lim, Mr Teo Ek Tor and Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, former senior Morgan Grenfell executives.

PrimePartners Corporate Finance (PPCF) was formed by PPG in 2003. PPCF is focused on providing advisory and capital raising services for private and public-listed small and medium-sized companies operating in Singapore and internationally. Headquartered in Singapore, PPCF provides a comprehensive range of public listing, financial advisory, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and continuing sponsorship services. PPCF is one of the pioneer group of full sponsors licensed by the Singapore Exchange and is the leading continuing sponsor on the Catalist market.