Nominated Adviser

As a nominated adviser, Strand Hanson provides independent, highly focused advice to high-growth companies, from a variety of jurisdictions, on AIM.

“Our experienced team partners with clients to provide independent advice which is tailored to their individual circumstances and requirements and which is led by pragmatism”

James Spinney | Head of Capital Markets

As a nominated adviser, Strand Hanson provides independent, highly focused financial and regulatory advice to high growth companies, from a variety of jurisdictions, on AIM. This includes IPOs, dual listings with other global capital markets and reverse takeovers. As an independent adviser we can provide impartial advice that is in the best interests solely of our clients.

Our independence also enables clients to maintain a close advisory relationship while utilising the services of a broker or, as we increasingly see, multiple brokers recognising that company requirements change over time. Our objective is to proactively provide advice that has a positive impact and genuinely adds value to our clients, rather than simply enabling clients to fulfil their AIM regulatory requirements. We have particular expertise in advising companies which operate in jurisdictions outside of the UK, particularly emerging markets, and in dealing with the more complex issues which arise with growth companies in these markets to tailor solutions for them.

Our experience in advising companies either in emerging / frontier markets and various stages in their lifecycles, means we are ideally placed to advise on, and more importantly to deal with, the challenges and opportunities that are often faced by companies listed on AIM.

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